61D2476E-089A-44C3-A63D-B97375366D55My name is Carmen McKnight, and I’m a writer. The photography phase- a pleasant surprise to my list of achievements- may be temporary or may last a while, but in the end, I consider myself a writer more than I see myself as a photographer.

Born in the psychologically cold corner of Eastern Europe I’ve had the great fortune of melting -even if not entirely- in the American culture for the past twenty something years. But home calls my name and I’ll answer that call in few years. 

I’m not alone. In fact, I met a great man and together we created a few great human beings:) They are my pride and joy, and I try hard to grow in greatness for their sake.

I’ve had many great battles in life, most I conquered, some conquered me but ultimately it filled the white pages of my life story with a mix of drama, romance, comedy, action, and a touch of greatness:) It’s an epic story -because it’s mine- and I look forward to seeing the white pages fill up with more adventures and, hopefully, fewer tragedies. Time will be my narrator.

Enjoy the blog:)